Welcome to the Ferret Haven of Spokane Web Page. We are a rescue/shelter for the domestic ferret. We came into being about 12 years ago when we discovered that domestic ferrets were being killed at shelters. At that time ferrets were viewed as "exotic wild animals with unknown history" and as such were not adoptable. The view has changed but we are still needed. It is evident that there is still a great misunderstanding of the domestic ferret and because of this there are a large number that are abandoned, abused or the owners discover that they are in over their heads. These animals come to the shelters in need of good food, medical care and new homes.

Ferret Haven of Spokane’s purpose is to rescue and place these ferrets in qualified final homes and help the public understand the domestic ferret better. The shelter accepts ferrets from many sources, owner surrender, found ferrets and those turned into the Humane Society, County Shelter and Spokanimal. We always try to return lost ferrets to their owners by placing a picture on our web site, referencing our lost ferret file and checking the newspaper for lost ferret ads.

Lost ferrets are placed in quarantine for 14 days to allow the owners to claim them. During the quarantine time they are examined for injuries and given vaccinations. Following the 14 day holding time the ferret is available for adoption and placed on our web page.

Not all ferrets that are received into the shelter can be adopted out to new homes. Some are too sick or injured to leave and some have a behavior problem. Ferrets that recover from illness or injuries enough to be adopted are, however there are a number of ferrets that Ferret Haven of Spokane feels are too ill to be adopted. In the cases that we feel that a ferret is not adoptable, Ferret Haven of Spokane makes a place in the shelter or among our supporters to keep this ferret with us for the rest of it’s life. We will never put a ferret to sleep to make room for another.

Adoption donations fees do not begin to cover all of the expenses incurred in the care of ferrets. Keep in mind that in addition to medical bills and food there are toys, treats, bedding, grooming and kennels.

Because we are a non-profit organization with tax-exempt 501(C)(3) status we are always in need of help from the public to continue to rescue ferrets and educate the public. The Ferret Haven Club helps with fund raising and special events and shows. We host a show at the Interstate Fair every September and a Fun Fair in June/July. In addition, we always accept donations of time, supplies or money to assist with care.

If, after reading this, you are interested in adoption or volunteering please call us or e-mail us. We would love to meet as many ferret lovers or want to be ferret lovers as possible. The more support the fuzzies have the better their life will be.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our web page. Please take the time to visit with our kids and get to know the domestic ferrets better. We hope to hear from all of you soon.

Ferret Haven of Spokane

You may have heard about our recent acquisition of a number of new ferrets. Many of them are now eligible for adoption and are looking for a Forever Home. Please see the Gallery page for more information.
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Ferret Haven is strictly a volunteer organization and we are currently located in a member's basement.
Because of work schedules, the shelter is open for visits by appointment only.
Please call the phone number on our contact page and leave a message to set up an appointment.
We check our messages frequently every day. Someone will get back to you soon.




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